Perfect Counterfeit Dollar Bills for the year 2020

Counterfeit Money

Perfect Counterfeit Dollar Bills for the year 2020

For the year 2020, we have upgraded our counterfeit 100 dollar blue stalks and it has all the features of the original 100 dollar bill such as lifted printing and please do not forget to
Feel Franklin’s shoulder on our $100 dollar bills, color shifting ink, and images is present on our notes. Check out our sample notes and see the magic, watermark portrait, blurry borders, Also our 100 dollar bills have microprinting that makes it look identical as the original. With constant research and new technologies put in place, An embedded thread runs just to the left of Franklin’s portrait as found on the original 100 dollar bill.

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Best Supplier counterfeit money 2020

The best supplier of authentic counterfeit money is E-light Doc. With 2020 high technology of digital printing we are proud to
supply our counterfeit banknotes buyers with super authentic counterfeit British Pounds for our UK Based clients.
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