buy counterfeit dollar bills online

Counterfeit Money

Buy Counterfeit Dollar Bills Online

This fake money is a copy currency but if feels and looks just like the original currency. Buy Counterfeit Dollar Bills Online. Moreover, Counterfeiting Business be traced back to the start of the 19th century and back. Further more, before the intruduction of paper money (bills), the most prevalent method of counterfeiting done with help of mixing different type of metals either with gold and silver.

How to get Counterfeit Money online

More to this, People usually buy grade Aa+ counterfeit money online through trusted who use much advanced printing process, coordinated services, stress on quality so the counterfeit banknotes they produce has value. This means that, one can spend it in small retail shops in cities & villages, amusement parks, shopping, traveling, eating at restaurants. Buy Counterfeit Dollar Bills Online

Best counterfeit shop online ?

Recent advancement in the field of photography, computer science, internet, printing technologies. As well as the availability of equipment at economical cost has made the process of producing counterfeit banknotes much easier. Buy Counterfeit Dollar Bills Online

Special Paper

In order to increase the difficulty of counterfeiting money and also to increase the lifespan, the government us special paper. because we order paper in big amounts its possible to do any customization thats required.


Take a look at the note in front of backlight to see the real watermark. other counterfeiters dont have the ability to produce their own paper so they usually print the watermark with special ink or dont think about it at all. Unfortunately it is impossible to get a real looking watermark on a note once the paper is dried.

Buy Counterfeit Dollar Bills Online

Security Thread

Once you take a look at the note in front of some backlight you will see the security thread. Also the microstamping is readable from both sides.

Hot stamped Hologram

Every Euro note has a hologram on the right side. Other counterfeiters are using sticky holograms but we are hot-stamping them just like the original. If you tilt the note you will see how the domination glitters. Also the Domination is microstamped through the paper.

Optical Variable Ink

When you are taking a look at the front of the note you will notify that the domination in the lower left corner will change its color from green to black when tilted.

Raised print

We use the same type of printing machine the original are made with so you can feel the print when scratching with a fingernail.


To increase the difficulty of counterfeiting, the government prints in extremely high quality. We use the same type of printing machines so we are able to offer notes with microprinting.

Changing Serial Numbers

Of course our notes would be easy to find if we use the same serial number over and over again. thats why our notes have valid running serial numbers.


If you take a look at the note under UV-light you will see UV printing, fluorescent fibres and some other UV features.



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